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Twins? Nope, Total Strangers

Twins?  Nope, Total Strangers

Imagine moving somewhere completely different and everyone is calling you by someone else’s name and they think they know you.

This happened to Neil Richardson over in Europe.  He moved to Braintree, Essex and people kept calling him John all day long.

Finally, he ran into his virtual twin John Jemison.  It is unbelievable how much they look alike and are not related in any way!  Identity theft would be so easy when you like exactly like someone else and you’re not twins.  LOL

They are both different ages but have a lot in common in terms of their past.  Both men proposed to their wives after knowing them only a week, went to the same college, and taught religion.  Oh yeah, they use the same bank too!  They better watch this part carefully.  LOL


They say all of us have a twin out there.  I wonder if I can find mine.

🙂 Phee

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Triplets Get Married on The Same Day!

Triplets Get Married on The Same Day!

This story is amazing!  Triplet sisters from Brazil all got married on the same day, at the same time, wearing the same dress with a little variation.

Imagine that?  This wedding was huge!  Each of the brides had 6 bridesmaids of their own so 18 of them were up there.  The bridesmaids wore dresses of varying color according to the bride’s liking.  They didn’t say how many groomsmen they had but I would think it was a matching number.

I bet this was an amazing party with a whole lot of people but that’s neat.  Their mom and dad got all 3 of them married at the same time so the weddings are done.  Then all of the sisters and their husbands probably pitched in together to make everything economical.

I love the idea.  At the end of the article, the author mentions if the Gosselin brood did this in the future, it would be even crazier of an affair.  It’s 6 of them but there are girls and boys so it probably won’t happen at the same time.  I’d tell all of my kids they have to go to Vegas and elope at the drive through chapel to make it so bad!  LOL

Look at their beautiful pictures below.

triplets triplets2

🙂 Phee

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Baby Born Without a Nose!

Ok, I see a lot of things on a daily basis and I watch a lot of television.

I have never, ever, ever, ever, heard of a child being born without a nose.


In fact, they say it’s only happened like 30-40 times period!

It’s amazing because he started breathing out of his mouth automatically.  What’s crazy is that no one noticed it but the mother when they brought him out of her.

She was like, wait, he doesn’t have a nose.  I guess the doctor was like, I’ll be damn, he sure doesn’t. LOL

Little Eli is going to be just fine.  They will probably construct a nasal cavity and give a nose later on.

Look at the pic and read the article from Fox News.

o-BABY 1

🙂 Phee

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When Nature Goes Wrong

When Nature Goes Wrong

See, safaris are not for me, at all, point blank, exclamation mark and the hashtag!

I have no want or need to see nature up that close.  I can just go to the zoo and be safe if I want to see dangerous animals.  The petting zoo is as close as I’m gonna get and I’m still not going to pet a peacock or goat cause they crazy too!

Anywho, this poor Australian hotty was sititng in a car when all of a sudden, a male lion decided he wanted to show all of his wild kingdom ass at one time.  The adult male lion literally jumped into the car and mauled the hotty’s legs!!!!  He did survive but now your legs ate up like taco meat cause you messing with nature up close.

In this article, they also talk about a situation somewhere else where a family was, again, too close to nature and for whatever reason, the lioness got up, walked over and opened the car door with her mouth.  I kid you not, it’s on YouTube and for your convenience, I have the link below.

Maaannnnnnnn!  First of all, I wouldn’t have been there.  Second of all, if I was on crack and decided to go on safari, I would be in a car but all the doors would be locked and everybody in the car would be in one of those outfits that people train in when they in the canine unit.  LOL!

🙂 Phee

Video from YouTube posted by United State.

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Pole Dancing With Baby

Pole Dancing With Baby

Ok, the title of this article threw me slap off.  It sent my mind on all different adventures of previous visual scenes of mothers doing inappropriate things with their children in pictures and videos.  I clicked on the link only to see that it’s quite amazing and completely tasteful what this mother does with her child and a stripper pole.

Please watch below.

I can see how this would be a calming and fun activity for your child.  I was concerned that all the twisting and turning would rattle the child’s brain like shaken baby syndrome but it’s very secure, if you put them in there correctly.  I think all parents and sitters have thought we secured a baby in the car seat only to find the child has been dumped out on the floor due to our failure to secure the contraption. LOL!  I know I’m not the only violator.

Some people run the vaccuum cleaner, some drive around in the car, and obviously some people pole dance to soothe their babies.  My thing is, whatever floats your boat and the child isn’t endangered is fine with me.

🙂 Phee

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Article by Elise Sole from Yahoo Parenting.


Identity Theft in My Life

Identity Theft in My Life

How many of you have heard of this new thing going around called identity theft?

If you use a debit card, credit card, shop anywhere, especially online, you are a potential victim.  Actually, you don’t have to do any of those things but exist to be a victim.  Wait a minute, you can actually be dead and still be a victim.  Identity thieves just don’t care at all. Back in the day, I use to hear of people their telephone bills or light bills in their kids’ names and this is a form of identity theft too.

Nowadays, family members but mostly strangers are taking any parts of your identity they can get to where they can open a bank, credit card, car loan or even home loan account in your name.  I’ve seen all kinds of issues that identity thieves cause people and you would think that someone would be eager to help victims but they really don’t get the timely assistance they need.

That’s why a lot identity plans have started sprouting up like these below.

lifelock legal shield

As you can see, the LegalShield plan is not expensive at all.  A lot of banks and credit unions, and credit card companies are adding it on as additional benefits too because it’s important.  We go to work everyday and do a job.  Identity thieves do the same thing, they work on ways to steal more personal information from as many unsuspecting people as possible.

Sooooo, I’ve personally been a victim of identity theft by debit card.  The first time it happened was at a Shell gas station.  The previous day I had gone to the Shell and got gas at the pump.  Because I was so broke at the time, I would check my account daily and the next day, I noticed a transaction for $25.00 at the same Shell!  I was like, “oh hell naw” I didn’t even put $25 in my tank.  So, I called my bank and told what had occurred.  They were able to tell me that someone had punched the numbers in manually inside the store for the purchase.  I was sooooooo upset and I wanted blood.  I was mossberg hot without the cooling system!  LOL.  I literally called the corporate office for the Shell station and got the name of the franchisee and found out who was working that day and everything.  Needless to say, I got my $25 back.

The next time it happened was in Utah.  I’ve never been to Utah so it was clear that I wasn’t using my card for a purchase in the amount of $4.62.  Bank of America actually called me on this one.  They noticed the transaction and froze my account and filed a claim.

This last time was Monday Cocoa Drops!  I was literally sitting at my desk when I received a text alert from my PayPal account for an $11 purchase in downtown Atlanta at a dayum parking lot!!!!!!!!!!  I’m like, uh, I haven’t gone anywhere near Atlanta and no one has access to my card.  The thing is that here around the corner at the Taco Bell I go to all the time, a girl was taking pics of people’s debit cards and the 3 numbers on the back.  I must’ve been a victim of hers along with the countless other Taco Bell patrons.

The moral of this story is identity theft coverage is important.  It’s also important to have text alerts established on your debit accounts, where possible, so that you are immediately notified of something suspicious.  Then, check your accounts daily, maybe even in the morning and the evening.  My co-worker happened to check his account and a thief stole over $1000 from him in 4 hours!!!  They took $200 and kept doing it until he noticed then he froze his account.

Thieves are lurking and they can one up us if we’re not prepared for it.  When you use your account in public, turn it face down and put your fingers over the 3 digits in the back.  When you enter your pin number, cover the entire pin pad.  Change your pin numbers every so often too.  Also, install antivirus protection and keep it current on your computer.  PayPal, to me, is pretty darn impenetrable and I use this account a lot online and I got the prepaid debit card for debit purchases offline.  It hasn’t failed me yet. I’m sure someone is working on how to hack their system too so really no one is safe.

Learn from this and protect yourself.  I got my identity theft protection Monday evening!

🙂 Phee

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Mo’ne Davis Tweet

Mo’ne Davis Tweet

Some people just deserve a special V.I.P. section in hell.

A Pennsylvania college baseball player, Joey Casselberry, literally tweeted this about Mo’ne Davis:

“Disney is making a movie about Mo’Ne Davis? WHAT A JOKE. That slut got rocked by Nevada”

Do you know that Mo’ne Davis is a 13/14 year-old, little league, female baseball player with a lot of talent.  She gained worldwide recognition as an unbelievable pitcher among all boys in the 2014 Little League World Series.

Why on earth would someone refer to an innocent teenage in this matter?  Why use the word slut?  Mo’ne Davis doesn’t have a sex tape out, she’s not taking booty shots on the internet and riding plastic penises like Miley Cyrus.  Why would he fix his fingers to type something like that out about her?????

This is my literal reaction to the tweet…..


I was so upset about it because it’s senseless.  And guess what?  Because of his tweet, Mr. Casselberry was removed from his college baseball team even though he is the 2nd best hitter on the squad.  His college, Bloomsburg, responded quickly to his actions and punished him swiftly.  After the trouble it caused, Casselberry deleted his Twitter account after posting this tweet:

“An example that one stupid tweet can ruin someone’s life and I couldn’t be more sorry about my actions last night,” he wrote. “I please ask you to…Forgive me and truly understand that I am in no way shape or form a sexist, and I am a huge fan of Mo’ne. She was quite an inspiration.”

And do you know that this beautiful girl has actually reached out to the Pennsylvania college and asked them to reinstate Casselberry?  She admits in the article below that the tweet got to her a little bit but that she doesn’t think he should be punished so harshly.  So much class at such a young age!  I really respect her even more than I did before.

mone davis1

We love you Mo’ne and support you!

🙂 Phee

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Article from by Cindy Boren.

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Why Do Some Women Stoop This Low?

Why Do Some Women Stoop This Low?

This is still happening.  I guess as long as the internet exists and people are trusting it will never stop.

Another mother has been the victim of having her baby cut from her womb by another crazed woman.

Michelle Wilkins, of Colorado, an answer to her Craigslist ad for baby clothes and Dynel Lane answered unfortunately.

What Michelle didn’t know was that Dynel had no intention of giving her anything but every intention on taking everything.

Dynel literally beat and stabbed Michelle then used, get this, 2 wine glasses and a knife to cut the baby out of her stomach and left Michelle for dead.

Dynel took the baby, who died, to the ER claiming she had a miscarriage.  She already has 2 kids of her own, why she needed another baby, I don’t know.

Michelle is alive, critically injured though.  When she called 9-1-1 she didn’t know that they baby was even gone.  She was on the call saying she is 7 months pregnant, help me, I’m bleeding out.  Imagine her horror to get to the ER and find that the baby was cut out and later died.

This is sooooo sad.  Women are going to have to take more precaution when meeting people from any website ad.  When I sold my phone on CL, I had a body guard to go with me in case things went left.  Something as innocent as baby clothes can seem like it would be the least likely to have anything come from it but this has been happening all over the U.S.

I was just watching Investigation Discovery about a girl named Jamie in Kentucky who was lured the same way by a lady named Kathy Coy.  Kathy told Jamie she could help her with baby stuff.  Jamie and her family were defrauded easily because Kathy was friends with Jamie’s sisters in high school so she was able to get close to Jamie fast.  Kathy needed a baby to try and get her ex-boyfriend back who had just dumped her.  She was hanging around and driving Jamie and her mother anywhere they needed to go until she got closer to her fake due date and then she killed Jamie first by cutting her throat.  Then she cut the baby out viciously.  It was so vicious that the investigators were haunted by the site of Jamie’s body when Kathy disclosed its location.  She just cut some of everything to get that baby out of Jamie then went to the hospital acting like she gave birth.  The ER doctors and nurses looked at the baby and found placenta on the baby and pieces of ovaries and the uterus!  Why Kathy thought they would believe her even after doing an exam, I have no idea, she’s just a deranged woman.

You have to be deranged to do anything like this and dismemberment.

Let’s hope for Michelle’s speedy recovery and that she gets the help she needs through her grieving process.

🙂 Phee

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Man Killed by a Norfolk Southern Train

Man Killed by a Norfolk Southern Train

Here in Atlanta, there was a news story about a man killed by a train.  At first, I thought they meant the Marta rail train because this happens all the time.  I thought it was either that someone was being evil and pushed a person in front of the train or that someone was attempting suicide and succeeded.

Well, this man was killed by an actual train from the Norfolk company and that he was there with 2 other people.  One of the other guys got injured and the other was just knocked down. Sooooo, that got me thinking about a whole lot before they published more details.  I was wondering if he was trying to commit suicide and some random people or friends were trying to talk him out of it.  Then I wondered if this was a murder and he was dead already.  Then, I was thinking maybe his car was stuck on the track and he got killed (I still don’t understand how this happens at all).

Well, now, we have more details about this man.  He was fine as hell.  I hate to see all that goodness leave the earth Lord.   God rest his soul.  I hate to hear about people dying.

This man was a fitness trainer and had just opened a non-profit organization and owned other businesses at 30 years-old.  They actually had the part about him owning businesses and just opening that non-profit organization in the initial story so that added even more suspicion about the circumstances surrounding his death.

Well, it turns out that Mr. Fitness Trainer, Achilles Williams, was filming for his YouTube fitness channel where he has been known for “pushing the envelope” when he is working out.

They just published that he was jumping rope when he was struck by the train so I’m like, were they all wearing their Beats by Dre ear buds and didn’t hear the train sneak up on them.  Nope, Achilles was filming a daring fitness video for YouTube and he misjudged the width when the train came and didn’t get fully out of the way in time!!!!!  He wasn’t in front of it but was side swiped by it.  So he got fatally injured from his daring spirit.


I found out also, when I was looking for a picture of Achilles, that another popular fitness trainer in California died just two months ago by a MetroLink train in California.  I’m like, Wow!

I don’t think any of us regular gym rats or worker outers (if you will) are challenging ourselves like this so there’s no need to say “be careful working out”.  It’s the thrill seekers that need to be more careful and I hope others are going to refrain from things like this.

🙂 Phee

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The Wine You Drink May Have Arsenic In It

The Wine You Drink May Have Arsenic In It

You read that completely right.  I saw this story sitting in the Concentra Urgent Care Center this morning.

From what I saw on t.v., some of the wines sold at Trader Joe’s have arsenic in it.  However, when I read this article below, I found it involves wine companies like Franzia, Sutter Home, Glen Ellen, and Beringer!!!!!

I’m a wine drinker and I don’t care how much it costs I just like the taste and if it’s $2.99 from Citgo, so dayum be it!

Anywho, I may need to go and get a hair sample and see if I have arsenic in my body Lord.  From all my watching of Forensic Files, Dateline NBC, and 20/20 they say arsenic kills people.

Please make sure you read and do some research like me on these wines.

🙂 Phee

Article from, by Amy Rushlow.

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