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Too funny!! Isn’t that why everyone does it!


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What Causes Dark Inner Thighs and Underarms and How to Treat Them – PositiveMed| Stay Healthy. Live Happy

What Causes Dark Inner Thighs and Underarms and How to Treat Them Naturally

Have you noticed your inner thighs getting darker and wonder why? Or how to fix it? Dark inner thighs are a common occurrence, with several possible causes. There are many reasons as why inner thighs darken, profuse sweating, razors, and certain lotions and creams are some of the major causes. Dark inner thighs can be a cause of embarrassment, they are not painful.

Causes of Dark Inner Thighs:

• Obesity
Being overweight can cause your thighs to rub against each other when you walk, which can cause discoloration and itchy skin called chaffing. To avoid this wear loose-fitting pants and avoid nylon and other synthetic fabrics as they cause more irritation, choose natural fibers when possible.

• Sun Exposure
If you enjoy spending time in the sun and your thighs are exposed it can increase the pigments that darken your skin.

• Hormonal Imbalance
Your inner thighs can darken from hormonal imbalance, some women notice their inner thighs darken during parts of their menstrual cycle, hormonal changes from pregnancy can also cause darkening of skin.

• Medications
Some medications can cause skin changes, including oral contraceptives. Ask your doctor for alternatives if you need to.

• Friction
Excess sweat and tight clothes may cause darker thighs. Friction caused by this can result in darker thighs, again choose fabrics that can breathe.

• Acanthosis Nigricans
This condition makes dark patches and discoloration occur on your skin. There are several remedies available from your doctor or to make for yourself at home.

dark inner thighs treatment

Home Remedies for Dark Inner Thighs:

• Lemon
Lemon acts as a bleaching agent for skin. Cut one in half and rub it on your inner thighs for 15-20 minutes then wash it off, pat dry and repeat daily for best results. It will dry your skin so after patting dry you can apply a thin layer of olive or coconut oil.

• Aloe Vera
Massage aloe vera gel on the affected areas, it will help repair your skin and reduce inflammation.

• Lose Weight (if needed!)
If excess weight is the cause of your dark inner thighs try to lose it. If diet and exercise are not helping see your doctor.

• Yogurt and Lemon
Mix lemon juice and yogurt into a thick paste and apply gently to your inner thighs, leave for 20 minutes then wash and pat dry.

• Oatmeal and Yogurt
Make a thick paste from one teaspoon each oatmeal, yogurt, and lemon juice. Apply to your inner thighs and leave for about an hour until it dries. This is a great exfoliant and is a popular home remedy for dark inner thighs and rough skin.

oatmeal and yogurt mask

• Potatoes
Potatoes can work as a bleaching agent, cut it into slices then put them on your thighs, leave for 30 minutes then wash with warm water and pat dry.

• Powdered Milk and Honey
Mix 1 teaspoon each of honey, powdered milk, and lemon juice to make a thick paste. Add a few drops of almond oil and apply the paste to your thighs to lighten the color. This works on tanned skin as well.

home remedies for dark inner thighs

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What’s Your Jam Wednesday??????

Ooooh, Ciara must’ve seen the future when she wrote this song then she hit em with “I Bet” below “I’m Out”.

Sorry Future, you’ve gotta learn the hard way.  You don’t leave Ciara!!!!

🙂 Phee

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Watch “#HOLDERNESS : Penn Goes into Labor for Mother’s D…” on YouTube

#HOLDERNESS : Penn Goes into Labor for Mother’s D…:

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What’s AA-RON Doing Now?

Boy, oh, boy, Aaron Hernandez will not stop coming up in the news.

Aaron Hernandez is the former New England Patriots player who was found guilty in his recent murder trial.

Well, he was sentenced to life from what I understand, so I’m thinking that’s it for his glory and fame. Normally, the case gets buried with the new stuff but not for Aaron.

After he was sentenced to life in prison, he was just recently back in the news for being the lookout for a prison fight between rival gang members.

Then, I’m seeing him in an article again today because he was brought up on witness intimidation charges but they showed him with something new.


aaron hernandez

This boy is just living it up in prison, getting new tattoos and everything!!!!!!

When is he going to sit down somewhere????


🙂 Phee

Pic courtesy of Shutdown Corner by Jay Busbee.


Funny Bone Friday! United Healthcare Commerical

You know I love my commercials!

This one was hilarious.

🙂 Phee

Video from

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What’s Your Jam Wednesday???

Hi Cocoa Drops!

Here’s my jam for this week!  It’s call “If Only You Knew” originally done by Patti Labelle but remade by KeKe Wyatt.  KeKe Wyatt is an amazing artist and I love, love, love listening to her sing!

🙂 Phee

Oh snap Phee! That is my jam! This jam that I’m posting has been a hot radio play. The groove is very sexy. It’s just the mood I’m in. You can’t understand the lyrics at first, but you know what he’s talking about. Lol


🎧 KT

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Tickle Me Tuesday: Key and Peele and the T.S.A.

Posted on YouTube by Comedy Central.

🙂 Phee

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Big Boy Problems

I do not feel so bad about feeling like I can’t fit in a certain little sports car.  I always thought about those little cars and how the athletes rush to get them if they actually fit in them comfortably.

Well, it turns out that not all of them can drive all their dream cars.

Arthur Jones of the Colts found out first hand that Corvettes don’t fit 6 foot 3, 337 pounders.  The funny thing is, he didn’t find this out before buying the Corvette.  I guess he had one of his handlers purchase it for him and deliver it to his home then tried to get into it and was like “oops”.  LMAO

Here’s a pic of Mr. Jones (Sexy Jones is what I call him) and his elusive dream car, shall we call her The Tempstress.  LOL!


In the article, TheSportsStaff suggested a hummer but I think he can get a custom Corvette to fit his frame.  He just needs to call whoever outfits Shaq’s automobiles.  Even the hummer didn’t fit him.  LOL

🙂 Phee

Pic and Article posted on Yahoo Sports by ThePostGameStaff

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