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Congrats to the Superbowl bound Seahawks

Well, I must say Cocoas I am a sucker for a passionate quarterback! Russell Wilson seems like a cool dude. That defense was straight garbage during the 1st half. Russell was throwing the ball to his angel friends because he wasn’t hitting the mark at all. But to come back from 17 points down at the half to tie the game in the 4th quarter, and then to turn around and win in OT…amazing!


Now, I will forever and a day rep Panther Nation, but I told Phee I may need to request a team transition sign up sheet. Lol. I love their athleticism and the fact that Marshawn Lynch looked so thick in that ESPN the Magazine Body issue is certainly a plus. Oh my….

Anyway, way to go Seattle Seahawks! You did it! See you at the Superbowl!



Ok, now Seahawks!  I don’t have loyalty to any NFL teams so you are definitely on the list for consideration to be “my team”.  Since the Oilers left Houston, I’ve been NFLess other than claiming the team of whoever I was in a relationship with.  These Seahawks have a great formula but my, oh, my will they have to cut tha check for Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, sexy Kam Chancellor, Marshawn Lynch and others.  In the meantime, I hope they run all over Tom Brady’s pretty behind.  Is he not to pretty to play football?  Ijs.  That’s unfair that your momma and daddy are both super models.  I mean, dang, they prolly use a thousand gallons of pantene a month with their hair.  To make it so bad, Tom Brady prolly gets his face insured!  LOL.  Anywho, this will be a great game but the Seahawks need to come out strong and not have to battle back from a deficit.  Oh, and make sure those balls the Patriots use are all inflated correctly.  Lmbo!



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