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Finished with new story!

Finished with new story!.

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Campus Kiss by Kasey Moone

Campus Kiss by Kasey Moone

Campus Kiss by Kasey Moone

I copied all of this information from because I absolutely love this author. The Kellerton clan are something else (in my Kevin Hart voice). This latest book includes the sexy and smart ass Nev who is challenged by an intellectual and curvaceous Octavia. This book is hot hot hot and I encourage you to click the link above and purchase it today. Don’t forget to leave a comment! Be on the lookout for Kasey Moone’s Cocoa Conversation with HHC upcoming soon!


Campus Kiss

Series: Edson College Series , Book 3.0
By: Kasey Moone | Other books by Kasey Moone
Published By: MooneRising
Published: Mar 05, 2015
ISBN # MNRSNG0000004
Word Count: 32,000
Heat Index    
Are Best Seller
Eligible Price: $2.99

Available in: Adobe Acrobat

Categories: Romance>Romantic Comedy Romance>InterracialRomance>Erotic Romance

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Campus Touch Campus Prowl Kilted For Pleasure Her Insatiable Scot Chosen by the Dragons

Campus Kiss (Edson College Series) by Kasey Moone – Romance>Erotic Romance

Octavia Martin keeps life simple writing music reviews for Edson College’s infamous blog. But in one dramatic moment her simple life is flipped upside down by one legendary man, Nev Kellerton, the lead singer of a rock band she negatively reviewed. His playful arrogance irritates her. His pale beauty annoys her. His pull with her editor totally infuriates her. But his erotic touch and whispered promises melts all her defenses.

Nev has no time for negative music reviews, especially from an opinionated human female who doesn’t know the difference between old school and new school rock. But her curvaceous figure intrigues him. Her mocha skin and full lips excites him. And her outspoken nature and strange humor totally turns him on.

But Octavia isn’t what she appears to be—and neither is he.

Reader Rating:   starstarstarstarstar (1 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   liplipliplip


To her shock, Kellerton did a slow perusal of her, starting from her toes, ending at her lips.

She forgot to breathe. Was she wearing make-up today?

“What’s this?” he asked, his voice an angry hiss. “Another one of your reviewers, Cheevers?”

At the sarcasm, she blinked, and the rest of her senses immediately returned. Was he insulting her? Yes, said a little voice in her head, he’s insulting you, and you’re just standing there like an idiot ogling his hot body. Get it together girl.

She growled softly, and his eyebrow rose. He was as disrespectful to the bone, as her granny used to say, and that simply wouldn’t do.

“What’s this?” she countered. “An arrogant, stick up his ass Kellerton throwing a temper tantrum? Must be my lucky day.”

Surprise lit his eyes and a bit of amusement. He took a step toward her.

“I think,” he said, eyes flashing bright. “I can make it luckier, angel.”

“I doubt that.”

“You’d be the first.”

She bit her lip to keep from laughing at his incredible arrogance. God, his ego was the size of Texas. He must’ve had ever female, and some males, on campus drooling over his good looks, which probably only inflated his ginormous, obnoxious ego. It was disgusting.

“Kellerton,” she whispered. “Not in your dreams. Not in this lifetime. Not on this freaking planet.”

A saucy smile crossed his handsome face. “So…I have a chance?”

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Submitted By: natalie89 on Mar 18, 2015

The plot was really good, and the characters memorable. The main couple argue like cats and dogs but its cute. Really good first meeting between the two leads. I enjoy these Edson College series. Looking forward to the next one. Hope it’s about Dean!

Campus Kiss

By: Kasey Moone

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Campus Kiss Coming Feb 2015!

Excited for the new release and this awesome $50 Amazon gift card giveaway! Sign up today and check out Kasey Moone’s books!

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The 1st Book I Fell In Love With

On my 21st birthday I was lying on my parent’s couch bored out of my mind. I wasn’t a clubber and my friends were back on campus. There were no drunken festivities happening for me that night. Earlier that day, my sister-in-law brought a garbage bag full of books for me to take back to my friend at school. I was not a reader. 🙂 That sounds very funny to me now because that night changed my life forever.

While rummaging through the bag full of books on a whim, I pulled out Christina Dodd’s Just the Way You Are.

This book was so amazing to me. I was already a fan of suspense and my mind was constantly thinking about sex and this book combined both of these genres. Here is the blurb:

Mystery and misery scar their young lives. Three sisters and their foster brother are torn apart by tragedy and scattered across the country to grow up apart…

Hope Prescott lives in Boston, far from the warm, southern home she recalls. She works with one goal in mind—finding her long-lost siblings. Yet her job at the answering service and her own loving nature creates a family of friends, people she knows only by their voices. She especially likes Griswald, gruff old butler for wealthy Zack Givens.

Meeting Griswald is a shock; he is neither gruff nor old, but a powerful, handsome man. In fact, he is Zack Givens, mysterious, cold, heartless—and charmed by the artless young woman who brings him chicken soup, treats him like a friend…and falls in love with the humble man she imagines him to be. When she discovers Zack’s secret and faces his betrayal, she leaves without a backward glance. Can Zack solve the mystery that haunts Hope’s past to prove their futures lie together?

Christina Dodd is a fantastic writer. She makes you fall in love with the characters as if they were real people. Hope reminded me so much of myself as well because she was pretty much a loner and didn’t let a lot of people in. But when people are in need she is selfless. She didn’t allow men to get close to her  because she was focused on one agenda. Fine and wealthy ass Zack Givens changed all of that. This is a must-read. I first read this book over 10 years ago, but every now and then I pull it back out. The story has a 50 Shades of Grey feel to it, but it is highly developed and well-written.

Currently, Christina Dodd has written 50 books across the genres. Over time authors change the covers of their work, but below is the original cover.

I’ve read this entire series and they’re all amazing. Because of that one encounter I found my passion for reading and writing. As far as Romance or Romance Suspense genres go, my other favorite authors are Iris Johansen, Lori Foster, Kasey Moone, Allison Kent, Noire, and J.D. Robb to name a few. Like every author you have hits and misses, but all of these guys are great!

So, Cocoa Drops share your favorite authors and books with us so we can enjoy the good read as much as you have!


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