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This Horrified Mom is Watching Her Child Be Lured Away From the Playground By a Stranger in This Bone-Chilling Social Experiment – For Every Mom

This social experiment proves that even children who have been warned time and again not to talk to strangers WILL. You gotta share this one ‚Äď it could save a life. Oh, and have that talk with your kids ONE MORE TIME.


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Kids stay all up in grown folks business…



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Princess Charlotte

I love a cute baby picture and Princess Charlotte’s cute little face is one for the record books.

Her older brother is adorable too!

princess charlotteprince george

I can’t wait to see Princess Charlotte when she gets her brother’s age.

ūüôā Phee

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Flood Affects a New Mom

Flood Affects a New Mom

Hey Cocoa Drops!

I saw this news story yesterday on the Channel 2 News here in Atlanta about a new mother who was impacted by the torrential rains we’ve had here.

Yudelka Salcedo literally woke up and stepped out of bed in water a foot tall in her duplex apartment.  The day before she was discharged from the hospital after having her new baby, Kenton.  Her neighbors had to rescue her and the baby out of her window!

I was so touched about her story that I literally called Channel 2 and asked how I could help her. ¬†She lost everything for her new baby and I was heartbroken. ¬†I know how it is to be a new mom. ¬†You feel weird on the inside, tired, and then to have this dumped on top of you, it’s horrible.

Well, I spoke to Yudelka personally and it was amazing. ¬†I didn’t know that the news station was going to give me her direct number so when I called the number and Yudelka answered, it was like Michelle Obama was on the phone because I was so taken aback.

Needless to say she and Kenton will be getting a visit from KT and myself later today.  We are going to show her how much we care about her and take her new baby some things and give her a gift card to get other stuff she needs.

Cocoa Drops, when you see things happening in your city or WHEREVER, nowadays, we can do something and when you can you SHOULD!!!!!!!

We will be sure to take some pics and post them after our visit. ¬†Yudelka’s baby is so adorable it’s ridiculous.

If you want to help her, just let me know and we’ll figure out how you can help.

ūüôā Phee


Just Don’t Fly When Pregnant, At All!

Just Don’t Fly When Pregnant, At All!

I’m sorry but I just believe that if you are entrusted with the delicate responsibility of caring a child, for those 9, literally 10 months, you just need to take it all the way easy.

I’ve had 2 bucket-headed babies and I love them dearly. ¬†When I was preggers with both of them, I just took it easy and tried to do everything I could to ensure they would be healthy. ¬†Whether it was sleeping on my back the whole time, not eating spicy food, not perming my hair the first trimester, or whatever, I did it. ¬†Now, one thing I didn’t have to worry about then was flying because I just flew for the first time 2 years ago. ¬†Hilarious, I know.

Anywho, this Iowa mother, Wendy Morrow, got clearance from her doctor that while SEVEN months pregnant, she could fly. ¬†Now, I’m not sure if the doctor knew where she wanted to fly to but it wasn’t a 5 hour flight. ¬†She was flying to China¬†for her brother’s wedding!!!!!

As soon as girlfriend tried to board the plane to get to the next destination Xiamen, China from Hong Kong International Airport, her watereth broketh!  Yes it did hunny!

Baby Kyuss was born 2-3 months early on May 7th (depending on how you count the weeks) and was automatically put in the ICU there in Hong Kong.

Kyuss is not covered on Wendy’s health insurance and the medical bills are insane. ¬†The hospital there has a policy that the bill has to be paid before they will issue a birth certificate and then to get out of the country, the Embassy has to see the baby to issue the passport or whatever for him to travel to the U.S.

So, the Morrow family is just stressed with the entire situation and I never want to imagine anything like this happening. ¬†Not only is your baby early but you’re in a foreign country and without the insurance coverage you need.

I’m VERY, VERY, VERY disappointed in our U.S. Embassy for not paying her medical bills at the hospital and getting them back to the U.S. point blank period! ¬†If we can negotiate to bring hostages home or pay for them, blah blah blah, why in the world can’t our citizens get the help that they need in a crisis situation like this????? ¬†That little bitty money for those medical bills is a drop in the bucket. ¬†Where are philanthropists when you need them? ¬†Like, Bill Gates or Oprah, hell it could be Larry Flint for all I care should pay their way home.

As of now, they have multiple fundraisers established even a GoFundMe account called Bring Baby Kyuss Home. ¬†The hospital has been paid a certain amount by an unknown source for the birth certificate to be released and I’m not sure where they are with the passport or his release from the hospital.

I just pray that Wendy and Kyuss can get home SOON! ¬†Oh yeah, it’s just her and they baby. ¬†Her husband and 4-year-old couldn’t fly over for the wedding so imagine how Mr. Morrow feels about being so helpless.

Let’s send our love and assistance to the Morrow family for baby Kyuss!

ūüôā Phee

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All Girl Quintuplets Born!

Imagine having one little girl and then you get the blessing of 5 more but all at one time!

Jesus take the wheeeeeeel!!!!!!!!!!!

I have one daughter and then I’m a girl so it’s a lot right there. ¬†I have 2 closets so it’s tough being a girl.

Do you know how bad bathroom time is going to be when they get old enough to realize the magnificence of the mirror?

That poor, poor husband. ¬†He is sooooo outnumbered. ¬†All them cramps, attitudes, talking, jealousy, “do i look fat in this” questions, boyfriends(or girlfriends), and most of all TOILET PAPER!!!!

My brother has 4 girls and one boy and he tickles me about how he fusses about all the vaginas in his house using up all the tissue faster than he can buy it!  LMAO!!!!

Good luck Diane and Adam, and big sister Blayke on your 5 new family members at the same damn time (in my future voice) LOL.

Don’t worry, when you have multiples you get Extreme Home Makeover houses, gift certificates from Burlington, Target, Walmart, and GreenDot, and teams of caregivers that come highly recommended from Angie’s List. ¬†LOL

ūüôā Phee

Article by Liz Neporant at¬†–abc-news-health.html.

Video posted by CBSN on YouTube.

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Grandmother Pregnant at 65

Grandmother Pregnant at 65

A German woman with 12 kids just got artificially inseminated with quadruplets!!!!!!

Why o why would she want to do this at that age? ¬†I thought your uterus fell out of your body at a certain age anyway. ¬†I’m kidding.

I’m just saying quadruplets at age 65???? ¬†Ok, you’ll be 71 when they go to kindergarten and all the kids will think she is they’re grandma.

She would be 84 when they are 18 years old. ¬†I’m thinking her adult kids will be taking care of the quads after her “home-going”.

I guess it’s a blessing to be able to have kids. ¬†However, my limit was 2 because of the amount of time and caring each child needs and it’s still not enough. ¬†My grandma had 5 kids and I’m telling you, it affects them. ¬†The more kids you have, the more someone is going to feel left out. ¬†Just think, unless all of them participate in the same activity, you will be split into going here and can’t be there all the time. ¬†Then, what about you as a person?

It was very important to me not to become just a mom and that’s it. ¬†I am still me and I make time for me in the midst of all the things my kids need.

I hope everyone pitches in to help her with these children and that they are all healthy, happy, and beautiful!

ūüôā Phee

Pic from by Kate Millar.

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Animals and Babies Pics

Animals and Babies Pics

These pics do nothing but make you say “awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww”.

dogsandbabies1 dogsandbabies dogsandbabies2

dogsandbabies4 dogsandbabies6

The people who have a new baby and new puppy are brave souls! ¬†When you think about it though, it makes sense. ¬†They grow up together and no each other from day one. ¬†Then you’re cleaning up pee, poop, and throw up for them at the same time. LOL

I couldn’t do it. ¬†Post postpartum depression is bad enough already, that poor dog may get neglected or smothered to death out of frustration. ¬†Just jokes. ¬†tee hee

ūüôā Phee

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Pole Dancing With Baby

Pole Dancing With Baby

Ok, the title of this article threw me slap off. ¬†It sent my mind on all different adventures of previous visual scenes of mothers doing inappropriate things with their children in pictures and videos. ¬†I clicked on the link only to see that it’s quite amazing and completely tasteful what this mother does with her child and a stripper pole.

Please watch below.

I can see how this would be a calming and fun activity for your child. ¬†I was concerned that all the twisting and turning would rattle the child’s brain like shaken baby syndrome but it’s very secure, if you put them in there correctly. ¬†I think all parents and sitters have thought we secured a baby in the car seat only to find the child has been dumped out on the floor due to our failure to secure the contraption. LOL! ¬†I know I’m not the only violator.

Some people run the vaccuum cleaner, some drive around in the car, and obviously some people pole dance to soothe their babies. ¬†My thing is, whatever floats your boat and the child isn’t endangered is fine with me.

ūüôā Phee

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Article by Elise Sole from Yahoo Parenting.


Parents Hating on Blue Ivy

Parents Hating on Blue Ivy

Ok, Blue Ivy is school age now and of course her parents enrolled her in a great school recently.

She’s 3 now so I’m sure she’s in AP or Advanced pre-school where they have the special crayon box just for the Carters with colors we never had in our crayon box (i.e. Kanye green, crush velvet purple,¬†and all the Feria hair colors)¬†!¬† LOL

Anywho, the parents at her pre-school are complaining about Blue Ivy’s transportation.¬† It’s not just the standard limo black SUV, this child is ushered to school by 2 vehicles and 3 bodyguards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her security detail is more reliable than Obamas Secret Service!¬† Don’t get me started on them right now.

I would be a little peeved too when I’m late taking my kid to school and behind Blue Ivy’s motorcade.¬† I don’t want to have to pay the fee for late drop off or late pickup being held up by them.

I can only imagine what they do when she goes to highschool.  Those kids are going to be bullying the mess out of her or being fake as hell trying to be a part of her crew.

It’s soooo hard to be the child of a celebrity!¬† Ask North West.

ūüôā Phee

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