Man Killed by a Norfolk Southern Train

23 Mar
Man Killed by a Norfolk Southern Train

Here in Atlanta, there was a news story about a man killed by a train.  At first, I thought they meant the Marta rail train because this happens all the time.  I thought it was either that someone was being evil and pushed a person in front of the train or that someone was attempting suicide and succeeded.

Well, this man was killed by an actual train from the Norfolk company and that he was there with 2 other people.  One of the other guys got injured and the other was just knocked down. Sooooo, that got me thinking about a whole lot before they published more details.  I was wondering if he was trying to commit suicide and some random people or friends were trying to talk him out of it.  Then I wondered if this was a murder and he was dead already.  Then, I was thinking maybe his car was stuck on the track and he got killed (I still don’t understand how this happens at all).

Well, now, we have more details about this man.  He was fine as hell.  I hate to see all that goodness leave the earth Lord.   God rest his soul.  I hate to hear about people dying.

This man was a fitness trainer and had just opened a non-profit organization and owned other businesses at 30 years-old.  They actually had the part about him owning businesses and just opening that non-profit organization in the initial story so that added even more suspicion about the circumstances surrounding his death.

Well, it turns out that Mr. Fitness Trainer, Achilles Williams, was filming for his YouTube fitness channel where he has been known for “pushing the envelope” when he is working out.

They just published that he was jumping rope when he was struck by the train so I’m like, were they all wearing their Beats by Dre ear buds and didn’t hear the train sneak up on them.  Nope, Achilles was filming a daring fitness video for YouTube and he misjudged the width when the train came and didn’t get fully out of the way in time!!!!!  He wasn’t in front of it but was side swiped by it.  So he got fatally injured from his daring spirit.


I found out also, when I was looking for a picture of Achilles, that another popular fitness trainer in California died just two months ago by a MetroLink train in California.  I’m like, Wow!

I don’t think any of us regular gym rats or worker outers (if you will) are challenging ourselves like this so there’s no need to say “be careful working out”.  It’s the thrill seekers that need to be more careful and I hope others are going to refrain from things like this.

🙂 Phee

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