Sex Sips

Exploring Something New

After having sex with the same person for years, you start realizing you’ve developed some boring patterns in your sex life. It’s with recognizing the signals if you will be having sex that night, how freaky it’s going to be, will lights stay on, will your mate make it last forever and ever like Keith Sweat sang about in the 90’s, etc… You go into it with the same expectations and sometime the same old moves.


Sometimes in our relationships we forget about the passionate ways we used to make love to one another. The way we used to touch, kiss, rub, lick, and hold each other. Also, the way just looking into each other’s eyes made you believe every promise they spoke to you. So what do we do to rekindle that fire? How much or how little you have to do will depend on your mate and your current emotional relationship.


As we know men are visually stimulated, so for some men all you need to do is buy some sexy lingerie and it’s on like popcorn. As a matter of fact, buy some anyway. My friends used to laugh at me because I’d search eBay for new lingerie. Look, I’m cheap and they were selling them for under $5 internationally. Now, when you’re a plus size girl you have to be careful not to purchase Asian sizes, but I still have all of my pieces to date. Lol. The way it feels against your skin and how sexy it makes you feel is amazing.



Try new positions. I’m that chick that gets bored very quickly. So, I look for new positions all the time. You think you know them all, but every now and then you find something new. Whether you Google it, view porn, read a book, just find a way to get new info. Do that thing you only do on birthdays and anniversaries more often. I’m sure he’d enjoy it.



Introduce toys. Some guys are completely turned off and/or intimidated by toys. So, you have to trick them into it. Typically if you give them some amazing head or drop that new position on them, they will let you do whatever you want with that cocoa stick. 😉 They just may like it.


Role-playing. You can do so much with this one. Trusty eBay can help you with props and costumes for the low. It can be a lot of fun. Get crazy and over the top with your ideas. Think about what he would like and even prepare a little striptease. Make it a surprise. Try to stay in character, but if he grabs your booty and places you on his lap just roll with it. Lol

Fun times. Cocoa Drops, only you know what your dude will respond to so don’t be afraid to go all out. Exude confidence. Know that you are sexy. And use that sexiness to blow your man’s mind!

Cocoa Drops, tell us what you would do or have done to rekindle the fire?



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