Are You Serious Sips?

SHE DID WHAAAT???????????

baby set fire pic

Are you freakin kiddin me???????????? This chick pictured above (courtesy of just recently drove to a neighborhood in New Jersey, politely got out of her car, put her newborn baby in the middle of the road, and set the baby on fire!  Who in the hell does stuff like this?  Oh yeah, a crazy 22-year-old named Hyphemkimberly Dorvilier.  Yes, you saw that right. As I was typing this, spell check underlined her name in red and I could do was press “add to dictionary”.  Honey, this child’s name is like something out of the 76th round of a damn spelling bee.  The round where just the little Indian boy and Asian girl are in cause my ass got cut in round 13 for misspelling mitigation.  ljs.

She must be getting a crazy check on the 3rd of every month because you have to be certified to do stuff like this.  A witness said she told them she was burning dog feces and looked completely calm and collected the entire time.  Then the trifling piece of crap tried to elude the police.  Oh, you know she went to jail but will try to claim she was insane.  No ma’am!  You were sane enough to get your driver’s license and be driving a damn car and make up a damn lie and to run cause you knew better.  If you’re going to do something like this, you need to spend your days and nights being tortured the way she tortured that blessing of a baby.  They literally need to wake her up every 24 hours, douse her with lighter fluid and set her on fire so she can see how it feels.  Then, let her writhe in pain until the next day.

The poor, defenseless baby passed away from the injuries it sustained later on.  I feel soooo bad for that baby.  People are literally paying money for babies on the black market to be parents and she is taking her motherhood for granted.  If I were the judge in this trial, I would say, Miss Dorvilier, sit right here and then push a button under my chair and electrocute the shit outta her!  Excuse me reverend, but this crazy girl got me cussin!


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