Why Do Some Women Stoop This Low?

24 Mar
Why Do Some Women Stoop This Low?

This is still happening.  I guess as long as the internet exists and people are trusting it will never stop.

Another mother has been the victim of having her baby cut from her womb by another crazed woman.

Michelle Wilkins, of Colorado, an answer to her Craigslist ad for baby clothes and Dynel Lane answered unfortunately.

What Michelle didn’t know was that Dynel had no intention of giving her anything but every intention on taking everything.

Dynel literally beat and stabbed Michelle then used, get this, 2 wine glasses and a knife to cut the baby out of her stomach and left Michelle for dead.

Dynel took the baby, who died, to the ER claiming she had a miscarriage.  She already has 2 kids of her own, why she needed another baby, I don’t know.

Michelle is alive, critically injured though.  When she called 9-1-1 she didn’t know that they baby was even gone.  She was on the call saying she is 7 months pregnant, help me, I’m bleeding out.  Imagine her horror to get to the ER and find that the baby was cut out and later died.

This is sooooo sad.  Women are going to have to take more precaution when meeting people from any website ad.  When I sold my phone on CL, I had a body guard to go with me in case things went left.  Something as innocent as baby clothes can seem like it would be the least likely to have anything come from it but this has been happening all over the U.S.

I was just watching Investigation Discovery about a girl named Jamie in Kentucky who was lured the same way by a lady named Kathy Coy.  Kathy told Jamie she could help her with baby stuff.  Jamie and her family were defrauded easily because Kathy was friends with Jamie’s sisters in high school so she was able to get close to Jamie fast.  Kathy needed a baby to try and get her ex-boyfriend back who had just dumped her.  She was hanging around and driving Jamie and her mother anywhere they needed to go until she got closer to her fake due date and then she killed Jamie first by cutting her throat.  Then she cut the baby out viciously.  It was so vicious that the investigators were haunted by the site of Jamie’s body when Kathy disclosed its location.  She just cut some of everything to get that baby out of Jamie then went to the hospital acting like she gave birth.  The ER doctors and nurses looked at the baby and found placenta on the baby and pieces of ovaries and the uterus!  Why Kathy thought they would believe her even after doing an exam, I have no idea, she’s just a deranged woman.

You have to be deranged to do anything like this and dismemberment.

Let’s hope for Michelle’s speedy recovery and that she gets the help she needs through her grieving process.

🙂 Phee

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