Pole Dancing With Baby

26 Mar
Pole Dancing With Baby

Ok, the title of this article threw me slap off.  It sent my mind on all different adventures of previous visual scenes of mothers doing inappropriate things with their children in pictures and videos.  I clicked on the link only to see that it’s quite amazing and completely tasteful what this mother does with her child and a stripper pole.

Please watch below.

I can see how this would be a calming and fun activity for your child.  I was concerned that all the twisting and turning would rattle the child’s brain like shaken baby syndrome but it’s very secure, if you put them in there correctly.  I think all parents and sitters have thought we secured a baby in the car seat only to find the child has been dumped out on the floor due to our failure to secure the contraption. LOL!  I know I’m not the only violator.

Some people run the vaccuum cleaner, some drive around in the car, and obviously some people pole dance to soothe their babies.  My thing is, whatever floats your boat and the child isn’t endangered is fine with me.

🙂 Phee

Pic from

Article by Elise Sole from Yahoo Parenting.


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