Twins? Nope, Total Strangers

05 Apr
Twins?  Nope, Total Strangers

Imagine moving somewhere completely different and everyone is calling you by someone else’s name and they think they know you.

This happened to Neil Richardson over in Europe.  He moved to Braintree, Essex and people kept calling him John all day long.

Finally, he ran into his virtual twin John Jemison.  It is unbelievable how much they look alike and are not related in any way!  Identity theft would be so easy when you like exactly like someone else and you’re not twins.  LOL

They are both different ages but have a lot in common in terms of their past.  Both men proposed to their wives after knowing them only a week, went to the same college, and taught religion.  Oh yeah, they use the same bank too!  They better watch this part carefully.  LOL


They say all of us have a twin out there.  I wonder if I can find mine.

🙂 Phee

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