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UPDATE: #PrayersForCharleston

UPDATE: #PrayersForCharleston

The suspect, Dylan Roof is now in police custody! He was found in NC.


It was very sad to wake up and see that a young man has shot and killed 9 people inside of a church during bible study in my home state of South Carolina. I can honestly say that during the past several years with the movie theater shooting, the Boston marathon bombing, campus shootings, military base shootings, etc., I have been more aware of my surroundings in public places. This also causes me to question the motives of unknown faces. I actually sit in my church at times and play out an escape route for me, my child, and husband in case someone comes in with a gun. I wish this wasn’t the case, but with situations like this I feel I have no choice. Another sickening note is that this guy handpicked a woman to stay alive to tell the story.  They are investigating this as a hate crime because the suspect was white and he targeted a historic black AME church in downtown Charleston, SC. This church is one of the oldest AME churches in the south. Several civil rights activities occurred in that sanctuary. The suspect came inside of the church during bible study, sat there for an hour, stood up and rattled off some rants, and then opened fire. Why did he wait an hour? Was he hoping to be convinced out of it? He is currently on the run and we won’t know these answers until he is caught. I’m praying that justice will be served in this matter expeditiously. On a positive note, a brave 5-year-old child is alive right now because they played dead while the shooting was going on. Thank God for this little survivor. Please keep the families of the victims and the city in your prayers. For more information, please go to

If anyone knows anything or comes across this suspect please call 1-800-CALLFBI. See the flyer below.



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