When Nature Goes Wrong

03 Apr
When Nature Goes Wrong

See, safaris are not for me, at all, point blank, exclamation mark and the hashtag!

I have no want or need to see nature up that close.  I can just go to the zoo and be safe if I want to see dangerous animals.  The petting zoo is as close as I’m gonna get and I’m still not going to pet a peacock or goat cause they crazy too!

Anywho, this poor Australian hotty was sititng in a car when all of a sudden, a male lion decided he wanted to show all of his wild kingdom ass at one time.  The adult male lion literally jumped into the car and mauled the hotty’s legs!!!!  He did survive but now your legs ate up like taco meat cause you messing with nature up close.

In this article, they also talk about a situation somewhere else where a family was, again, too close to nature and for whatever reason, the lioness got up, walked over and opened the car door with her mouth.  I kid you not, it’s on YouTube and for your convenience, I have the link below.

Maaannnnnnnn!  First of all, I wouldn’t have been there.  Second of all, if I was on crack and decided to go on safari, I would be in a car but all the doors would be locked and everybody in the car would be in one of those outfits that people train in when they in the canine unit.  LOL!

🙂 Phee

Video from YouTube posted by United State.

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