Animals and Babies Pics

08 Apr
Animals and Babies Pics

These pics do nothing but make you say “awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww”.

dogsandbabies1 dogsandbabies dogsandbabies2

dogsandbabies4 dogsandbabies6

The people who have a new baby and new puppy are brave souls!  When you think about it though, it makes sense.  They grow up together and no each other from day one.  Then you’re cleaning up pee, poop, and throw up for them at the same time. LOL

I couldn’t do it.  Post postpartum depression is bad enough already, that poor dog may get neglected or smothered to death out of frustration.  Just jokes.  tee hee

🙂 Phee

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