All Girl Quintuplets Born!

16 Apr

Imagine having one little girl and then you get the blessing of 5 more but all at one time!

Jesus take the wheeeeeeel!!!!!!!!!!!

I have one daughter and then I’m a girl so it’s a lot right there.  I have 2 closets so it’s tough being a girl.

Do you know how bad bathroom time is going to be when they get old enough to realize the magnificence of the mirror?

That poor, poor husband.  He is sooooo outnumbered.  All them cramps, attitudes, talking, jealousy, “do i look fat in this” questions, boyfriends(or girlfriends), and most of all TOILET PAPER!!!!

My brother has 4 girls and one boy and he tickles me about how he fusses about all the vaginas in his house using up all the tissue faster than he can buy it!  LMAO!!!!

Good luck Diane and Adam, and big sister Blayke on your 5 new family members at the same damn time (in my future voice) LOL.

Don’t worry, when you have multiples you get Extreme Home Makeover houses, gift certificates from Burlington, Target, Walmart, and GreenDot, and teams of caregivers that come highly recommended from Angie’s List.  LOL

🙂 Phee

Article by Liz Neporant at–abc-news-health.html.

Video posted by CBSN on YouTube.

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Posted by on April 16, 2015 in Crazy Kids Stuff Sips


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