Flood Affects a New Mom

20 May
Flood Affects a New Mom

Hey Cocoa Drops!

I saw this news story yesterday on the Channel 2 News here in Atlanta about a new mother who was impacted by the torrential rains we’ve had here.

Yudelka Salcedo literally woke up and stepped out of bed in water a foot tall in her duplex apartment.  The day before she was discharged from the hospital after having her new baby, Kenton.  Her neighbors had to rescue her and the baby out of her window!

I was so touched about her story that I literally called Channel 2 and asked how I could help her.  She lost everything for her new baby and I was heartbroken.  I know how it is to be a new mom.  You feel weird on the inside, tired, and then to have this dumped on top of you, it’s horrible.

Well, I spoke to Yudelka personally and it was amazing.  I didn’t know that the news station was going to give me her direct number so when I called the number and Yudelka answered, it was like Michelle Obama was on the phone because I was so taken aback.

Needless to say she and Kenton will be getting a visit from KT and myself later today.  We are going to show her how much we care about her and take her new baby some things and give her a gift card to get other stuff she needs.

Cocoa Drops, when you see things happening in your city or WHEREVER, nowadays, we can do something and when you can you SHOULD!!!!!!!

We will be sure to take some pics and post them after our visit.  Yudelka’s baby is so adorable it’s ridiculous.

If you want to help her, just let me know and we’ll figure out how you can help.

🙂 Phee


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