Parents Hating on Blue Ivy

15 Mar
Parents Hating on Blue Ivy

Ok, Blue Ivy is school age now and of course her parents enrolled her in a great school recently.

She’s 3 now so I’m sure she’s in AP or Advanced pre-school where they have the special crayon box just for the Carters with colors we never had in our crayon box (i.e. Kanye green, crush velvet purple, and all the Feria hair colors) !  LOL

Anywho, the parents at her pre-school are complaining about Blue Ivy’s transportation.  It’s not just the standard limo black SUV, this child is ushered to school by 2 vehicles and 3 bodyguards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her security detail is more reliable than Obamas Secret Service!  Don’t get me started on them right now.

I would be a little peeved too when I’m late taking my kid to school and behind Blue Ivy’s motorcade.  I don’t want to have to pay the fee for late drop off or late pickup being held up by them.

I can only imagine what they do when she goes to highschool.  Those kids are going to be bullying the mess out of her or being fake as hell trying to be a part of her crew.

It’s soooo hard to be the child of a celebrity!  Ask North West.

🙂 Phee

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