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13 Mar
Daily Inspirational Sip

This is a different take on nutrition rules that we’ve all heard before. I encourage you to click the link at the end to get more information on Dr. Axe’s argument.

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11 Largest Nutrition Lies in the Media

Every week there seems to be a new nutrition topic covered in the media; new fads, new solutions for weight loss, and new foods that are “bad” for you. Many of the claims are often discredited, upon further research, yet their impact on dietary choices remains.

That is the case with several of the long-standing nutrition lies examined below. Studies from the 1950s and 1960s changed the way we ate, the foods we ate, and the amount we ate. All of this has had a detrimental effect on our health.

Nutrition lies in the media are common; studies subsidized by pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturers, and food associations are often tilted to make the public believe that one food is healthier than another to spur sales and increase visibility.

That is why I wanted to take this opportunity to give you the facts, based on true medical research, to debunk common nutrition misconceptions. Here is what I consider the top 11 largest nutrition lies circulating today.

LIE #1. You Must Eat Whole Grains

TRUTH: Whole grains are not nutrient dense, and actually can harm your metabolism.

SOLUTION: Eat Sprouted Grains & Healthy Fiber Rich Foods

LIE #2: Vegetarian Diets are the Healthiest

TRUTH: Vegetarians Can Struggle with Vitamin B-12 Deficiency & Be Missing Key Nutrition for Health!

SOLUTION: Add Responsible Sources of Meat, Fish and Grass-Fed or Fermented Dairy to Your Diet

LIE #3: Saturated Fat is Bad

TRUTH: Saturated Fats are Good for You!  And Critical to your Body’s Function!

SOLUTION: Incorporate Healthy Saturated Fats Into Your Diet

LIE #4: Running is Healthy

TRUTH: Everything in Moderation, and Exercise is Better in Bursts!


LIE #5: Too Much Protein is Hard on Kidneys and Liver

TRUTH: Proteins are Critical for Hormone Building, Cells and Bone Health

SOLUTION: Add Healthy Proteins into Your Diet

LIE #6: Everyone Should Eat… (insert name of hottest diet fad here!)

TRUTH: The Body Needs Diversity & Nutrient-Dense Foods to get All Needed Vitamins & Minerals

SOLUTION: Eat for Your Best Health & Wellness

LIE #7: Cholesterol is BAD & Eggs are Unhealthy

TRUTH: Eggs are NOT the Enemy!

SOLUTION: Enjoy the Nutrition of Free Range or Local Farm Eggs

LIE #8: Eating 5-6 Small Meals a Day Stimulates the Metabolism

TRUTH: Eating All the Time Doesn’t Make You Healthier or Help Your Metabolism!

SOLUTION: Allow Intermittent Fasting and Fewer Meals but High in Protein

LIE #9: All Sugar is Bad

TRUTH: We Need a Balanced Amount of Healthy Sugars to Thrive

SOLUTION: Choose Natural Sweeteners in Moderation

LIE #10: You Can “Make Up” For a Bad Diet with Supplements

TRUTH: The Majority of Your Nutrition Must Come from Whole Healthy Foods

SOLUTION: Eat Whole, Healthy Foods!

11. Low-Fat Diets are Healthy

TRUTH: Low-Fat Diets Can Cause Disease, Healthy Fats Heal!

SOLUTION: Eat Healthy Sources of Fat!

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