G’s to Gents Alum Attempts Suicide

22 Feb
G’s to Gents Alum Attempts Suicide

Here’s another sip from reality tv.

Kesan Moore was on the famous G’s to Gents show where Fonzworth Bentley transformed G”s (gangstas, thugs, misfits) into distinguished gentlemen.  I loved the show honestly because it taught the men on the show a lot of growth and showed them how they can have more than what they are around, they just have to take that leap of faith and wanna make that change.  This is where I was introduced to the infamous Riff Raff also.

Kesan acted a fool on the show.  He actually got into it with cast mates and even had an irrational outburst where he was running from the mansion in footies if I remember correctly.  LOL.

Anywho, after the show, he attempted music for a second but he was arrested for child abuse.  Not just any old kind of child abuse, he allegedly broke both of his infant daughter’s arms, leg, 3 ribs and her collarbone, plus she had bruising everywhere (abuse info from

I don’t know how but he eventually landed in movies like ATL (he was the boy who got his butt whopped by Big Boi for stealing money), tv shows like Meet the Browns and then he even had a spot on the hit show “The Walking Dead”.

Here recently though, his grandmother passed and he fell into a depression it seems and attempted suicide via Xanax and Patron.  TMZ said he even recorded a suicide video informing relatives of why he was doing what he was doing.

I hope Kesan’s finds an inner piece soon.  Death is so hard but we gotta keep our heads up and live for those that depend on us especially when you have kids, eventhough some of them are mean to us.

🙂 Phee

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