When Will They Learn???

22 Feb
When Will They Learn???

When will certain high salary making men learn that some women only want one thing?  Ok, maybe 2 things but mainly 1.  Money hunny!

Just like an engineer is meant to engineer things, a teacher is meant to teach, and a police officer is meant to serve and protect, there are leagues of women in this world that make it their business to catch a man that has a lot of money.

They have a formula and I don’t know why some of these athletes and business men don’t see the game yet.  Women are crafty.  Women can smile in your face and tell you that you are the onlyest one and after you leave another dude is coming through the back door.  I’m just saying.  I’ve seen it happen before.

I live in Atlanta, not born in Georgia, just live here.  I was raised riiiite from what I believe or my family just has different morals, I don’t know.  My mom always told me she just wanted me to have more than what she had and to do more than what she did.  She never said, go out there and get you a rich man, have some babies for him, and lock down your retirement.  It was always about love with me but not these dry mouth, wretched females I see more of these days.

It’s one thing to want a man that can hold his weight but if you lead in on the first encounter with “how much do you make a year?”, back up and ask him his name first, dayum!

So, the point of this post is a story I heard about Tyrese.  I love me some chocolate, singing about Coca-Cola on the bus, transformer fighting, sweet lady singing, Tyrese!  He was recently on a date with a dry mouth and something happened to his phone so he asked to use hers.  Do you know that when he went to her internet browser she had googled him and his net worth!!!???  It was reportedly $25 million by the way but this was still up on her phone on their date!!!!!!!!!!!!!  From what I heard, he got up and just left her there.  Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!  Do you have to be that thirsty?  You know he probably picked her up so she was looking this up right before he picked her up at home or while he was driving to the restaurant.  Tsk tsk dry mouth.  That’s why you got left.  I’m just glad he found out sooner than after the first ultrasound for the quadruplets.  LMAO

This tickled me pink, I promise it did.  It’s sad but unfortunately, at that level, you gotta run a background check on these folks and really get to know them before getting serious.  Either that or they can just recycle a woman that they already know has money from another celebrity guy so they won’t have to worry about her needing too much from them.  LOL

Ooooh that sip was cold but you know it’s true like!

🙂 Phee

Pic from via “I Wanna Go There” Tyrese album cover.


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2 responses to “When Will They Learn???

  1. reallifemarti

    February 22, 2015 at 1:40 PM

    But if these guys were to vet their women better, wouldn’t that be the end of some of the best reality tv?



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