Real Passes Away

22 Feb
Real Passes Away

All reality nuts remember Flavor Flav looking for love and finding it partially with New York (Tiffany).  Then it didn’t work out so New York got her own spin-off show where she had two suitors, brothers, to try and win her love.  Those brothers Chance and Real then got their own spin-off show.  They were known off camera as the Stallionaires and did music for awhile.  I was in love with Real.  He was a beautiful man.  I would not have wanted to share my hair products with him though.  His hair was better than mine.

I’m so, so sad to report that Real (Ahmad Givens) passed away from cancer at the age of 33!  When he found out about the colon cancer it was stage 4 already.  It’s sad to me because cancer doesn’t have an age.  I talk to bunches and bunches of people everyday about health and benefits and some people are just clueless about how cancer, heart attacks, or strokes can affect any age group.

Remember my post about Leah Still?  She’s only 4 and has cancer.  I’ve even seen stories about teenagers passing away from having heart attacks and 30-year-olds having strokes.  It’s happening all around us every day!

My thoughts and prayers go out to Ahmad Givens’ family, especially to his bro we all know as Chance.

🙂 Phee

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