What’s AA-RON Doing Now?

22 May

Boy, oh, boy, Aaron Hernandez will not stop coming up in the news.

Aaron Hernandez is the former New England Patriots player who was found guilty in his recent murder trial.

Well, he was sentenced to life from what I understand, so I’m thinking that’s it for his glory and fame. Normally, the case gets buried with the new stuff but not for Aaron.

After he was sentenced to life in prison, he was just recently back in the news for being the lookout for a prison fight between rival gang members.

Then, I’m seeing him in an article again today because he was brought up on witness intimidation charges but they showed him with something new.


aaron hernandez

This boy is just living it up in prison, getting new tattoos and everything!!!!!!

When is he going to sit down somewhere????


🙂 Phee

Pic courtesy of Shutdown Corner by Jay Busbee.


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