New Emojis Are Coming People!

23 May
New Emojis Are Coming People!

As if we need anything else on to do on our smartphones, the emoji gods are giving us some new surprises coming in 2016.

This is the list of the new emojis…..

·      Face with cowboy hat

·      Clown face

·      Nauseated face

·      Rolling on the floor laughing

·      Drooling face

·      Lying face

·      “Call me” hand

·      Selfie

·      Raised back of hand

·      Left-facing fist

·      Right-facing fist

·      Handshake

·      Hand with first and index finger crossed

·      Pregnant woman

·      Face palm

·      Shrug

·      Man dancing

·      Prince

·      Man in tuxedo

·      Mother Christmas

·      Wilted flower

·      Scooter

·      Motor scooter

·      Octagonal sign

·      Clinking glasses

·      Black heart

·      Croissant

·      Avocado

·      Cucumber

·      Bacon

·      Potato

·      Carrot

·      Fox face

·      Eagle

·      Duck

·      Bat

·      Shark

·      Owl

Woo hoo!  Even more things to add to our texts!

🙂 Phee

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