Ice-Cream in That Flavor? Seriously????

23 May

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!  The last time I was grossed out like this, it was after looking at a video about boils bursting on YouTube!  LMAO!!

You are not going to believe some of these flavors that critics are saying we need to try this summer.  LIES (as Tamar Braxton would say)!

The Velvet Elvis

Elvis’s favorite sandwich toppings of peanut butter, bananas, and bacon get swirled into ice cream for the Velvet Elvis at Arrabelle in Vail, Colo. Fresh bananas and housemade candied bacon add alternating soft and crunchy textures to this excessive homage to the King.


Handfuls of fresh, buttered lobster meat are folded into a butter-flavored ice cream base at Ben & Bill’s in Bar Harbor, Maine. It has been serving this novelty since 1988, handing out the savory samples to skeptical tourists seeking a more adventurous dessert alternative to lobster rolls.

Arugula and onion

Who needs dressing when you can get a quenelle of onion ice cream with your arugula salad? At Cancún’s Le Basilic in Mexico, the sweet, creamy ice cream melts into peppery arugula and tart tomato confit for a fresh start to a fine-dining meal.

Squid ink

Order the ice cream sampler “gastronomika” at Bilbao’s Heladería Nossi-Bé for savory gourmet flavors including squid in its own ink, cod pil pil and kalimotxo, which is red wine with cola. There are actually bits of squid and fish in the ice cream, and it’s certainly interesting for a couple of bites. We prefer the Idiazabal sheep’s milk cheese ice cream with walnuts and quince paste, like eating an entire cheese plate tossed into a blender.
YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!  Just these few made my stomach hurt.  Who would…how do you…why did they…..I CANNOT!
Please click the link below that I found on Yahoo by Amber Gibson.  She’s amazing to have found all this out but this is some nasty ish.  LOL
🙂 Phee
Review the entire list with additional pics at
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