Billboard Music Awards Fashion

18 May
Billboard Music Awards Fashion

I’m by no means a fashion expert but hunny I know what looks good and what looks like a hot ass mess.

Take this outfit that Zendaya had on in the first row.  It literally looks like someone threw up on the outfit.  See the pink parts, that’s the shrimp I ate and threw up when I saw this outfit.

Fitty cent KILLED EM!  You betta go boy!  That black ombre looks amazing on his beautiful physique.

Meghan Trainor looked a little too grown and in the wrong color if you ask me but I love her so she gets a pass.  Do better next time boo boo.

Estelle looks elegant and sexy in her getup.  Love it girl.  I would’ve loved to see some more vibrant lipstick to make it pop.

Next to Estelle’s pic is one of Jourdan Dunn in an outfit that her baby brother put together.  LOL  I wouldn’t be caught dead in a casket with that outfit on.

Little Miss Natalie La Rose looks adorbs in her pretty shingly dress.  I love her hair and the dress!

Tsk, tsk, tsk, Tracee Ellis Ross….baby what were you going for?  Whatever it was it went horribly, awfly wrong.  That’s an outfit you wear to your husband’s biker party or a BDSM interview for a Dominatrix position, not an awards show.  LMAO.  I love them curves though.  I would kill to have that body gurl!

Jussie Smollet, I LOVE YOU!!!  I love the grown out beard and hair, I love the way his cream suit matches with his skin tone.  Love the look boo!

Oh no y’all, Britney Spears had another breakdown….in the closet picking out something to wear cause this dress should be put out by the trash and burned.  The dress does her body no good.  I thought that when you had money, you could afford Spanx or good bras???  Her “girls” don’t look snatched and neither does her body.  What wong Brit Brit????

Iggy Azalea has a body designed by GOD himself too.  She makes me sick with all that body and her boyfriend Nick Young is so foine it’s ridiculous.  I love her playfulness in this outfit.  She matched the ends of her hair with her shoes.  The colors are pretty on her and the outfit accentuates them curves.  Get it Iggy, you Fancy girl!  Yaaaas!

Next to Iggy is, what I’m calling, an actress that forgot to turn in her American Horror Story outfit after the scene change.  That mess is ill-fitting and horrible.  It’s like something you might throw on to run to the corner store while you’re doing laundry cause your good clothes being washed.  Uuuugggghhh, don’t wear this again Hailee Steinfeld.

While David Lee Roth is a legend and made one of my favorite songs “Jump”, this suit should JUMP it’s ass back in the closet!  I hate suits like this that match all the way down.

All hail the Queen of the Hamburger!  Mariah Carey is finally fat y’all!  She still looks great but I remember when Mariah was snatched in all areas.  After babies, your body is just never the same.  She looks good but I would’ve like to see her in some color.

The next pic is of somebody named Dencia.  I have no earthly idea who she is.  You know how they say bad press is still good press.  This is the look she had to be going for baby cause that outfit threw me back to George Clinton and the Parliament to Daft Punk back to Earth Wind and Fire all wrapped up in one with a little Chris Brown on top.  She obviously wanted to be the topic of conversation and for all of us that had no idea who she was to look her up and make it so that she trends.  NOT!  I did not look her up to contribute to her trending progress.  Sorry boo boo, not today.

Now, Miss Taylor Swift needs a steak and potatoes IV (intravenous).  She is too thin to me and that’s not sexy.  They need to put her in the hospital and give her some protein immediately to thicken her up a little bit.  Hell, they have to hold her down when the air conditioner comes on!

Kylie and Kendall are polar opposites.  Kyle is a mini Kim and Kendall to me is just gorgeous!

Taraji did that!  Drops the mic and that’s it!

Laverne Cox rocked that dress with the “girls” peeping out.  She is really, really pretty and so courageous.  Five stars Laverne!

Mr. Bryshere L. Gray from Empire is as cute as he can be.  I love them lips but this suit looks like some wallpaper at Woolworth if anyone remembers that store from back in the day.

All I can say is God Bless America for allowing all of us the freedom of expression.  Some of us just need a few more classes or to hire Mary J. Blige’s stylist to step their game up.

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🙂 Phee

Pics from Yahoo Style.

Featured pic from

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