Petition For Baby’s Name

16 Apr
Petition For Baby’s Name

This couple has gone viral with their fight over their unborn child’s name.

They don’t even know if the baby is a boy or a girl yet but this name drama has hit an all time high.

Well, Nicholas and Kseniya Soukeras are battling over the name of their child if it’s a boy.  Nicholas wants to name him, get this, SPYRIDON! after his father.

OMG!  That is absolutely horrible, like some of the celebrity names for babies.

Why would you want your child to have a name like that this day in age?  I mean, it sounds like a character from a PS4 game or a line out of the Hobbit.  “Spyridon perches on a ledge to pounce on Legalas once he enters the forest to look for Tauriel”.  LOL

Nicholas has gone so far as to petition the internet to support him in his quest but I want to start one to not support that name because it’s horrible.  Hi son will be teased endlessly after 5th grade.  For the first 5 years it will be cool and all the other kids will want to change their names to super heroes cause that’s what they will think of Spyridon’s name at those ages.  My, oh, my what a battle it will be after that.

I mean what would you call him for short?  Spy or Don?  Both are terrible.  Ok, what about Spryi?  Nope.  The only one I can come up with is SP like Nicki Minaj’s ex SB.  That’s as cool as I can get close to.

What do you think about the name?

To Spyridon or not to Spyridon, that is the question.  haha

🙂 Phee

Artcile and pic from by Jennifer O’Neill.

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