15 Apr

Ok, so Kimora Lee Simmons (why she’s going by Simmons still, I have no idea, yes I do, that recognition and notoriety) just had another baby with another husband!

Her new husband is, of course, rich as hell and his name is Tim Leissner.  He’s nice looking but dayum Kimora.  Sit down somewhere.  And take your new husband’s last name please.

Kimora Lee Simmons celebrates Christmas with her new Russian boyfriend, kids and ex-husband Russell Simmons at Nikki Beach in St Barts, Francekimora1

I guess I’m just jelly.  Djimon Hounsou was a gorgeous man and although they weren’t legally married, they had a beautiful boy together and had a committment ceremony.  I was super sad when they broke up.

Then, she secretly wed her technical 2nd husband Tim Leissner back in 2014 but no one really knows the exact date.  Look at this picture of them during the engagement or right after their marriage…


Body language says a lot and I’m just wondering if she is really in love with this guy or is she chasing the “check”?

I hope it’s love.  I don’t believe in marriages of convenience or learning to love someone after you get married just because someone has money and can take care of you.

Regardless, we know he hittin it cause he knocked her up and she just had their first baby together.

Welcome to the gang baby Wolfe Tim Leissner!  I hope to see pictures of him soon.  Oooh, I just thought about the diversity in her household.  She’s part Asian, Russell Simmons was black, Dijmon Hounsou was Beninese, and Tim Leissner is, um, idk actually.  That’s a beautiful thing though.  They can all learn about each other’s cultures in love.

🙂 Phee

Article and Pic from by Mallory Schlossberg and

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