Jay-Z Settles??????

15 Apr
Jay-Z Settles??????

What is it I hear of Jay-Z settling out of court in a paternity suit?????

Remember back in the day when he supposedly had another cute little curly-haired boy??  He denied him too then all of a sudden that little boy was on vacay with the fam.  I understand though.  You can’t trust just anyone telling you they have your child, especially when they wait 21 years to say something?  This is definitely cause for suspicion.

Well, it seems that this lady is settling out of court so her claim must have had some merit.  DNA tests seem to clear things right on up.  The only time you settle is when “You are the father” like on Maury!!!!  LOL

By the time Blue Ivy gets to be a teenager she’s gonna have a bunch of brothers and sisters.


🙂 Phee

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