So You Think You Can Dance? They Know They Can!

09 Apr

Man, if I could be a professional dancer, I would be.  I grew up on Soul Train and Party Machine so I’ve been dancing all my life and I love me a routine.  Back in the day, we use to have little dance steps and stuff and it was always so cool.  People would always come up to me and ask how we came up with routines.

Anywho, thanks to YouTube, we can see choreographers showcase their skills.  They even go so far as to record their classes and showcase dancers too.

In this clip from one of Matt Steffanina’s classes, we see Asia.  She is a very popular child in L.A. and on television.  She started on that show about dance moms or something and they gave her her own spinoff called Raising Asia.  You see her in the front at minute 0:56.

The routine is based on Fetty Wap’s new smash hit Trap Queen which I’ve clipped in her also under the dance part.

🙂 Phee

Posted on YouTube by Matt Steffaninia and harlem fetty.

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