Giant Rabbits, You Must Be Crazy!

09 Apr

There are some things that you just need to leave alone in my opinion.

Rabbits are one of those things.

Look at these big a** rabbits.

rab rab2 rab3

Who needs a rabbit this dayum big hopping all everywhere?  I certainly do not.  These rabbits are bigger than some toddlers or dogs.

Uhhhh, headline people, rabbits are not hot this big.  Look at the middle picture of the 2 rabbits.  They look like they’re plotting world domination.  They look scary as hell.

Something that big comes hopping through the yard and I’m going to shoot it cause it’s a dayum threat to my personal safety.

Just imagine having this in your house.  Rabbits are not potty trained either people.  Just think of how it will just hop along all everywhere and you have to go behind it picking up grown ass rabbit doo doo drops.  You all sit down on top of a doo doo drop on the couch and watch won’t you lose your mind.

I have kids and to me this is not a safe pet.  Little rabbits can bite and draw blood.  A rabbit this big bites you and you won’t have a finger anymore.  It could eat your throat out.  I’m just saying.

Kids like to pull on animals and stuff.  I have had cocker spaniels as pets around my kids and my son loved to pull on its ears.  I could only imagine what would happen if a giant rabbit got upset about that?  All I know is that if it bit my child, I’d have the biggest dayum lucky rabbit’s foot hanging off my keychain in the world!!!!!!!!  LOL

My thing is this….LEAVE NATURE ALONE!  People need to stop cross breeding animals and trying to make things bigger like rabbits.

The only thing I want bigger is the size of the Krispy Creme Doughnut.  They done shrunk the hell out of that doughnut.  Now I have to eat 4 to equal the 2 I use to eat.  LMAO!!!

🙂 Phee

Pics from the article

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