India Cheating Scandal

21 Mar

Ok!  This is a story hear especially after you see this picture.

Let’s look at the picture first.

india cheating scandal

This picture shows people scaling the walls of a building, right?  Sooooooooooooooo the story continues.

These are PARENTS of 10th GRADERS helping them CHEAT by climbing the walls of this school and passing them CHEAT SHEETS!!!!!

Due to this situation, over 600 students have been expelled!  To expel 600 students is a lot.

Apparently, this test is very challenging and means a lot for the children to pass.  Actually, the article says they have to pass this exam in order to continue on with their education.

My question is, where is the test proctor?????  In my school when we took any standardized tests, we had extra teachers in the classroom to watch us.  They dayum sure would’ve noticed my momma on a rope scaling down like a window cleaner passing me a cheat sheet.  LOL!

I mean, do they test via the honor system or something where the teachers go to the hookah lounge for a couple hours?  This is perplexing to me that no one saw all these crazy ass people climbing the walls like generic spider men and women.

Get it together people.  LOL

🙂 Phee

Article and pic above from Associated Press via

Featured pic from

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