Everybody Buying Houses

21 Mar
Everybody Buying Houses

So, I have a post about Nene’s New New.  Now, Manny Pacquiao just bought a great big mansion that Diddy use to own.

Let’s take a gander at his new digs.

manny manny1 manny3 manny4 manny5 manny6 manny7 manny8 manny9 manny10 manny11 manny12 manny13 manny14 manny15 manny16 manny17

Can you say, “WooooooooW that’s a hell of a house therrrrr” (in my Nelly voice).

You go Manny!  Make sure you don’t take on any of Diddy’s old ways, dancing all everywhere.  LOL!

🙂 Phee

Article and house pics from, Zillow by Melissa Allison.

Featured pic from

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