Red Wine is Great for Your Stomach

11 Mar
Red Wine is Great for Your Stomach

Remember my post about Amare Stoudemire taking a red wine bath to rejuvenate his body?  Well, he should save some of that wine for his gut health.

Activia commercials and the probiotic commercials all promote gut health too but red wine, turns out, is another way we can get better digestively (if you will).  LOL.  Then, we can get drunk so it’s a win win situation if you ask me.

According to the WebMD article, red wine basically helps you break down food a lot better.  As with anything, we have good and bad bacteria.  When you drink the red wine, it changes up the distribution in a favorable way for us.  They basically talk about Merlot in the study but I drink Roscato hunny.  It’s the bomb.  I was first introduced to Roscato at The Olive Garden for $7.25 a glass!  When I went to Walmart, I saw a whole bottle for $11 dayum dollars and nearly had a heart attack.  I’ll never order a glass of that wine again.  I’ll basically have a bottle in the car and run out every 20 minutes and take a sip…..or…….poor it into my polka dot flask and sip away at the table when no ones looking.  LMAO!

Check out the article though, it’s pretty interesting.  I like WebMD, they have a lot of great information that credible.

🙂 Phee

Article from WebMD by By Cari Nierenberg, Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD.

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