Flask Away

11 Mar

Hey, speaking of flask, I mentioned my polka dot flask in the article about red wine and I thought I might share with you why I like my flask.

I’m not a heavy drinker, I actually don’t know why I have a flask, ok, it’s just cool!  I don’t drink enough to actually own one but when one of my friends got one engraved as a wedding gift, I was like, I need my own too.  LOL.  I was jelly bean, yes I was.

Sooooo, I went to my favorite place to find anything and that’s the bay, eBay that is.  I find EVERYTHING on eBay.  If you haven’t joined the eBay club, you are wasting a lot of money.  I’ll post about life as an eBayer later.  It’s a lifestyle.  LOL

Anywho, this is my cute little flask.


It’s a five ounce flask and perfect because you can disguise it.  If it’s in your purse and you go to the club or an event where they purse check, it looks like a coin purse, cigarette case, or makeup container so it’s overlooked.  Dare I say you may be able to get it through airport security.  I haven’t tried that yet though.  The mighty, crafty T.S.A. may defeat me in my quest of personal drunkenness.  This flask was $7.99 off of eBay!  That’s it.  They have a lot of other ones that may be familiar to what you’ve seen in the past like these.

flask pics

They come in soooooooooo many sizes to fit any drinkers needs.  You don’t have to put booze in it.  Kool-Aid, juice, or soda can go in it too if you’re a poser.  hee hee

For a more personalized flask, you can try one like these.


Try flasking one day, it’s what cool kids do.  I’m kidding.

🙂 Phee

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