Nick Gordon’s Interview with Dr. Phil

09 Mar
Nick Gordon’s Interview with Dr. Phil

Ok, I have never understood why Nick Gordon was even in Whitney Houston’s household and adopted by her.  Then, when she passed and we all found out that he and Bobbi Kris were dating, it left a bad taste in my mouth although they are not biological siblings.  It just seemed weird.  I’ve heard of step siblings getting it on, but that’s always a hush hush topic among families.

Anywho, I’m even more perplexed about Nick Gordon being adopted by Whitney now that I see his mother showed up and is with him during the interview with Dr. Phil.  I assumed his mother was dead or something.  Someone needs to do some research and let me know how Nick Gordon came into the family in the first place.

Well, the interview didn’t go as planned from what I’ve heard.  It was recently taped and basically turned into more of an intervention instead of an interview and when Nick figured that out, he went bananas.  They say he was so drugged out, he couldn’t form sentences and sounded crazy.  They also say he punched a couple of Dr. Phil’s staff members or something.  An intervention doesn’t surprise me one bit.  Nick was hurt over the death of Whitney as Bobbi Kristina was but he has his mother still alive.  Both of them have been grieving and “self-medicating” with drugs and alcohol to get through the pain which is not good.  He’s now under suspicion of attempted murder and has been banned from seeing Bobbi Kristina so I’m sure he is going overboard with the cocktails.

No one likes people telling them what they should do when they’re grown but sometimes we grown people need that.  This is one of those times for Nick Gordon.  He needs to come clean in more ways than one.  When Bobbi Kris comes out of her coma, I hope she is completely clear minded and stays free of those drugs too.  One thing good out of this situation is that she is able to rest.  That child has been restless since Whitney’s death and now her body is going to be rejuvenated once she comes out of her coma.  I wanna be optimistic about her situation and speak positive thoughts to make them come true.  Nick has been in this same haze and needs to rid himself of it now.

I’m not sure when the interview was taped but they say Nick did go to a rehab facility.

I hope this works for him and that he gets better.

🙂 Phee

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One response to “Nick Gordon’s Interview with Dr. Phil

  1. reallifemarti

    March 9, 2015 at 3:09 PM

    I think this situation is sad, made even sadder to be exploited by Doctor Phil. For what? Ratings? He should be ashamed.



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