TAEBO is Still the Ish!

07 Mar
TAEBO is Still the Ish!

Billy Blanks is the man when it comes to getting people in shape.  He has a variety of workouts and they get you results, I know for a fact.  He made me so fine one time I got pregnant with my daughter as a result of his workouts.  Beware!  You get fine, then pregnant.  LOL

Seriously, you can mix your workouts up.  I do not like routine, routine if you can understand what I mean.  I can’t do the exact same thing every single day.  I mix his tapes up along with doing different stuff in between.

On his website, you can download digital workouts or watch them on the site.  Of course, you can buy his DVDs along with the gear he uses in some of the videos like the Billy Bands.  He even offers classes if you live in his area which would be amazing to attend.

Just another resource for you to get fit for life!

🙂 Phee

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