Children Adjusting To DST

07 Mar
Children Adjusting To DST

DST is daylight savings time.  Some people actually are affected by the time change in a negative way.  I remember back in the day, I was really crabby about losing that one measly hour.  My whole attitude would be different in a bad way instead of focusing on the fact that we have more sunshine now and spring is around the corner.

What about our children and DST?  The article link below gives us a way for our little ones to better adjust to DST.

child sleep

The medical experts per the article say that DST leads to a lot of health issues for people like fatigue and depression.  I use to feel fatigued and I couldn’t understand how when you only lost an hour.  I mean, there were plenty of times, I stayed up and studied all night but I got back on track.  When our kids are already off schedule with sleep, DST can add to that.  My kids use to go to bed like clock work at 8pm every, single night!  For the past 2 years this has changed because they are not involved in anything afterschool and they come in and sneak in a nap so they are up until like 10 before they get tired again.  I mean, my son gets home at 2 something and my daughter at 3 something so they nap out and I can’t stop it because I’m at work.  So this hour loss may affect them more than I’ve realized in the past.

They offer some really good tips to help parents though.  I’m really excited.  They say to number one, try and move bed time back incrementally.  Then they say to make the room dark so that their mind is signaled that it’s time for sleep.

As a parent, I’m always looking for tips that help me and the kids.  I do not know everything and somethings, like this, I never thought about.

Hopefully this can be helpful to some of you too!

🙂 Phee

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