Jessica Biel is Ready to Get the Bun out of the Oven

25 Feb

When you get into the 10th month of pregnancy, it can be extremely difficult and miserable.  My daughter kicked the shiznit outta of me and I literally would just look at my stomach and watch her doing the cupid shuffle, can’t wang wit it, and bunny hop all wrapped in one and cry during the last 4 weeks of her incubation period.

Jessica Biel is wearing pregnancy so well.  Stars make me sick how they look so good or they blow up like a cow like Kim Kardashian, then lose it in 30 days like that’s how real life is and it ain’t!  I was a cow when I was preggers with both my bundles of joy.  So, I’m just a little jelly bean about how good Jessica looks.

I can’t wait to see what they name their baby.  I hope it’s not something dumb or difficult to pronounce or spell like Catypulta, Loyola, or Vandalista.  LOL. I made all those up by the way.

jessica biel

🙂 Phee

Picture from article posted by Alyssa Toomey.

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