20 Feb

This post is for my favorite Cocoa Drop, KT.

We are silly as all get out and started using this word a lot as of late to signify when we have spoiled something for the other person like when I accidentally told her that Chekura died on Book of Negroes before she saw it….NOOICE! She accidentally told me that Stephen was back on Scandal before I saw it yesterday…..NOOICE!

Other ways that YOU can use this word are below…

1. Someone gets in front of you and starts driving slow as hell…..NOOICE!
2. You come home with food but everybody already ate…..NOOICE!
3. You get your hair done up and it rains…..NOOICE!
4. You get your car waxed and shined up and it rains…..NOOICE!
5. The movie you’ve been dying to see is sold out……NOOICE!
6. You have a fresh pedicure but your baby steps on your big toe and messes it up……NOOICE!

This is the way we’ve been using the word but share with us your way. NOOICE!

🙂 Phee
video from Comedy Central post on youTube

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