Failure to Launcher

20 Feb
Failure to Launcher

Hi Cocoa Drops! Do you know…. or are you…. a failure to launcher? LOL. Let me explain.

I was speaking with a guy one day and I asked him when did his kids leave the nest. I have two youngins and I just want to know what I have ahead of me. Will they leave or stay with me until I go to the nursing home? LOL. The guy commented that 3 of his 4 left the nest but that his last son was a failure to launcher. Have you ever heard something so funny that you laugh out loud without notice? That’s exactly what I did when he said this because this was just that funny to me. Failure to launcher??????? LMAO. This pretty much means, he didn’t take off like he was supposed to and he’s still at home living off of him and his wife. LOL. In my family that pretty much means that somebody ain’t about nothing and ain’t gone be nothing but is this true for the rest of someone’s life?

This subject came up with my family again tonight and I was like, who says you failed to launch? There are different launch pads and launch dates. LOL. No, seriously, there’s no set time that you have to have done something. Society is really bad about that. You fail to launch if you don’t get your license at 16. You fail to launch if you don’t get a car after you get your license. You fail to launch if you don’t go straight to college after high school. You fail to launch if you don’t go straight to grad school out of undergrad. You fail to launch if you don’t get engaged in college or married before 30. You fail to launch if you don’t have kids by a certain age. The list goes on and on. You fail to launch if you’re a virgin at 15, if you don’t try weed in middle school or if your first tattoo is after college. Ok, those are just jokes but you get my drift.

I have my own launch pads at different intervals of life. I take off when I want to and make my own rules. The only time in my eyes that you can fail to launch is if you’ve gone to glory. Until then, you need to find your own day to take off for your own goals as they may come in life. As cliché as it may be, it’s never, ever, ever too late to do anything. You waste time thinking about it, just make a plan to achieve it and be done. Why would you say it’s too late to go back to school? If you plan on living those years, you can go back to school. I got my MBA in 2 years working full-time and with 2 kids!!!!!!!!!! You can change your life over and over through education or training in a different field. People get lazy and let too many excuses get in their way. Get up and change your life if you want something different. It’s all up to you on when you launch!

What are your thoughts on the matter???

Kicking life to you,
Phee 🙂

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