Things You Don’t Say To Your Partner

13 Feb
Things You Don’t Say To Your Partner

I’m a serial monogamist and I’m always looking for things I can do better in my relationships.

This article made me realize I have a lot more work to do with my words.  I started off holding everything in and then 8 years ago I ran into a partner that made me open my mouth in defense and I haven’t stopped talking since.

I think all of us have said one of the following…

You always….


It’s not my fault

I’m sorry but…

Calm down

According to Rachel Grumman Berman, these are some of the 7 things you should not say in a relationship.

She says with these words you put your partner in defense mode automatically.  I understand that.  When I say whatever, it makes people so mad (hee hee) because I have checked out at this point.

Communication is soooo important and maybe this can help you in your relationship along with me in mine.  If you care that is!  Ahhhhh, I was deep just then.  LO


Pic courtesy of Warren Goldswain/Stocksy off Yahoo.

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