PETA And North West

13 Feb
PETA And North West

I knew as soon as I saw North’s cuterful little self in this coat that PETA was gonna throw a fit.

I’d like to see them try and throw paint on that baby’s coat like they do sometimes.  Kanye would go ape s**t on the person crazy enough to basically assault a child.

Anywho, I’m jealous.  I wish when I was her age, I had anything close to that kind of coat.  Not that in Alabama it ever gets that cold but North is the coolest kid everrrrrr!

I mean, she was sitting front row next to fashion royalty at her daddy’s show for Adidas x.  It’s an amazing life she has with not 1 but 2 famous parents.

I wonder how long it takes them all to get ready to go somewhere.  LOL


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