Sports Illustrated Finally Gets It!

07 Feb
Sports Illustrated Finally Gets It!

Have you heard that Sports Illustrated is finally putting beautiful, curvalicious models in their magazine?!

It’s an amazing step towards progress in recognizing that all women don’t eat cotton balls dipped in orange juice to stay rail thin.

I’m a curvey girl and I’ve always been this way.  When I grew up in Houston, Texas, I was surrounded by thin girls and was called fat.  When I moved to my birthplace of Birmingham, AL, I had to beat the guys off of me because suddenly I was fine as wine.

This is a beautiful thing even though to me this model is not plus size, she’s the right size!

Her name is Ashley Graham and she is 27 years old.  She wears a size 16 (36-30-46).  Did you know that Marilyn Monroe wore a size 16?  Yes she did hunny.  

I’m just loving the moment and I hope we can see more of these triumphs.  It’s high time we see “us” in the magazines instead of people we will never look like.  

Tell me your thoughts Cocoa Drops and check out the article link.

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😎 Phee

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