Imagine My Horror!

06 Feb
Imagine My Horror!

Imagine getting in your car headed to your favorite store and when you pull up, it’s GONE!

This just thing happened to me twice in the same day.  Imagine the odds of that?

In two different malls, two different stores were moved.

I shop at Torrid and Ashley Stewart like nobody’s business.  My mom wanted to find a nice dressy shirt to wear for a party so I took her to my 2 favs.

We pull up, and mind you, my mom is disabled and can’t walk far.  The mall is the devil to her and I drug her out to these places.

We pull up to Cumberland Mall and I let her out.  I go and park, then go inside.  I know exactly where my store is and imagine my horror when I see a damn nail shop in place of my Ashley Stewart store.  Lawd, take me now!!!!!!

Later that evening, I say to my mom we can go by Torrid at Northpoint Mall.  Again, I pull up, she hops or waddles out, and where Torrid was, there’s something called Zumiez?  Ok, so now I’m cussin and loud too!

This is not fair.  I think it should be against the law for stores not to tell patrons you’re moving or have moved.  This is news worthy of you ask me.

They need to send an email blast, mailer, or put it on a billboard because I wasted my gas and my time, not to mention, my mom’s time. I understand a store may not be doing well but come on.

Has anyone else ever had this happened?  

Let’s share our pain together.  LOL

😍 Phee


I got your back bestie! There’s a new plus-sized store called Fashion to Figure that just opened up at Town Center at Cobb. You should check it out! They have all of their dresses on sale for $19.99. But…if you want to drop by and visit your sick girl 😣 (cough cough) you can go to the one at Stonecrest. Ijs. Check out the fashions at


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