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Big Chop or nah?

I am currently at a crossroad with my natural hair. I’ve been natural for almost 4 years. I’ve worn almost every protective style you can think of. I’ve even started installing my own Senegalese twists. Now, it’s been all me for 5 days and I’m already tired of it. The growth hasn’t been what I’d hoped for. My hair was dry before and it’s even drier now. I have less dense hair so my hairstyles don’t look anything like my crushes. So, when I saw this it made ne think…


Tiffanynicholsdesign on IG

Big chop or nah? I never cut my hair completely off when I went natural, but I’m thinking of doing it now. When I first started wearing all if my own hair, it was fun. Now, it is cumbers. It seems like it takes even more work now to get any curl definition. I’ll be making a decision soon and post the results. Have any of you done the big chop?


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Posted by on January 26, 2015 in Naturally Me Sips


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