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Football Booty!

This post is a tribute to the true star of the NFL for women…..FOOTBALL BOOTY!

Clawd have mercy, looking at a NFL game is like watching strippers at a strip club, they just have on a few more clothes.  LMAO

Ladies, I know you have been sitting with your man watching the game (sort of) and asking questions to make him feel like you’re paying attention (what’s a first down again bae?) when all along, you are there for one reason and one reason only… FOOTBALL BOOTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just look at ’em!  I have been caught red handed commenting on some of them .  I just couldn’t help myself.  All them squats really make the games worth while.  Men just don’t know.  We like looking at their bodies like they adore looking at ours and with this view, I wouldn’t have any dollar bills left!  OOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Visit this link from YouTube for some more beautiful shots.  Ignore the 3 or 4 bedroom pics in the video, they weren’t meant for the ladies I don’t think.  LOL.


anthony allen

Anthony Allen


Brian Leonard


Bryan Braman


Cameron Wake


Dennis Pitta


Dominic Rhodes

Emmananuel Arceneaux

Emmanuel Arceneaux


James Casey & Tyler Clutts


Kyle Rudolph


Mike Neal


Randall Cobb


Josh Bynes


Miami Dolphins


Houston Texans



Vikings Defense


Tim Shaw


Rocky Boiman

Oakland Raiders v Houston Texans

Jemarcus Russell

Bobby Carpenter


YouTube baby and!

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🙂 You’re Welcome!  Phee


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NFL Hall of Fame Class of 2015

NFL Hall of Fame Class of 2015

Junior Seau, Jerome Bettis, Charles Haley, Tim Brown, Will Shields, Mick Tingelhoff, Ron Wolf and Bill Polian were all named to the NFL Hall of Fame 2015.  Junior Seau passed away back in 2012 after taking his own life from what a lot of people believe was due to concussion related issues.  If you don’t know Mr. Get on the Bus Jerome Bettis, you don’t know football.  I adored watching Jerome pummel through defense lines with people literally on his back, not to mention he is super foine (fine as hell in slang).  Visit the article below for pics and further info on the other inductees of this year.

pic and article courtesy of

🙂 Phee

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Snack Stadium Ideas for Football Parties

Snack Stadium Ideas for Football Parties

It’s Superbowl 49 for all of you who can’t figure these letters out (XLIX).  LOL

If you’re throwing a party, this snack stadium idea is an amazing centerpiece.  The majority of them are not healthy whatsoever, but I found one that was full of greens and great veggies.

Visit the yahoo article below for your inspiration, then post a pic of your snack stadium for us to see.  🙂

snack stadium2

🙂 Phee

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