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Wait, Wait, This is Happening For Real, For Real??????

Wait, Wait, This is Happening For Real, For Real??????

Ok, I am a reality show nut but I honestly thought this was just a cruel joke being played on Bruce Jenner.

I did see the pics of him wearing red nail polish, I thought maybe he let Penelope paint his nails and just didn’t have time to take it off.

I did hear that he had his Adams apple shaved down, I just thought it was really sharp and the doctor’s suggested it so it wouldn’t keep scratching every time he spoke.

I noticed when he grew his hair out but again, I thought he was just trying something new like Kris said.

Cocoa Drops, this man has one foot in the grave, 28 children, and a helicopter fetish, now you wanna be a woman????!

My first question is….will he get butt implants to keep up with the Kardashians?  LOL

Next, will he be in Kim’s closet like Kylie use to be?  I’d put a lock on my closet cause Kim has a lot of hot clothes.

Is he gonna get breast implants?  Is he gonna change is name to what Nephew Tommy said, Bruce Jennifer???  Will he get a new vaginis?????

Sooooo many questions and of course you know the renowned journalist, Diane Sawyer, got the interview.  When I saw that, I knew it was real.

Honestly, that’s all that he has left on his bucket list.  He’s been an Olympic athlete, married gorgeous women, had beautiful children, spent thousands of dollars, owns a house in Malibu and has Kanye as a son-in-law, what else is there to do besides be a woman?  LOL

Good Luck Bruce Jennifer we love you no matter what!!!!!!!!

🙂 Phee

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