Maxi Pad Malfunction!

18 Jul

OMG!  Have you ever been watching a singing show and the person doesn’t sing well and you feel embarrassed??

Well, I’ve just experienced that same embarrassment watching the clip of the Mexican singer’s pad falling from between her legs on live tv. 

Singer Patricia Navidad was wearing an adorable blue dress on stage performing on a morning show when her pad fell down to the floor!!!!!!!!!!


She’s a trooper too cause she just kept singing n dancing. 

Hunny, I would have been mortified and probably ran off the stage. 

The moral of the story is….secure your pads ladies. 

My grandma taught me to wear a panty girdle during that time of the month so that never happened to me. NEVER!

😍 Phee

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Posted by on July 18, 2015 in Are you Serious Sips


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