Have you tried sleeping naked? If not, we highly recommend giving it a try! It may be a little strange at first, but after a few nights of sleeping in the buff, you’ll be a changed woman! Why? Here are eight reasons!

sleeping legs

You can get a better night’s sleep. Some people like to get cozy at night, but as you sleep, your body naturally cools itself. Sleeping without clothes will keep your body colder and give you a more natural, better sleep

It can air out your downstairs. It’s totally normal for a vagina to host yeast and bacteria, but when it’s too warm and wet, too much can grow and cause issues. Sleeping naked gives your body a chance to air out. It also gives other parts of your body (armpits, feet and more) to be free of the restriction they’re used to all day.You’ll have more sex. Skin on skin contact encourages your brain to release more oxytocin, a feel-good chemical. You’ll have a sexier night when your clothes are already off!

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It’s easier. Sleeping naked means you don’t need to buy pajamas. It’s also less clothing to wash and put away. You may want to wash your sheets a little more often, but it’s still less laundry than you’d be doing for PJs.

It regulates cortisol levels. Cortisol is the “stress hormone” that can throw your body out of whack. Sleeping naked keeps your body cooler, which will keep cortisol levels from getting too high. High cortisol can lead to more stress and anxiety, food cravings and weight gain.

sleep naked

You’ll feel more confident. Sleeping nude will allow you to feel more in touch with your body. You’ll enjoy the feel of the sheets and the cool air, making you feel sexier. You can bet your naked butt that sleeping naked will lead to a more confident and happy you.

It’ll keep you from being lazy. After a long day, you may come home and throw on PJs. That’s the point of no return. You won’t run any errands, certainly won’t be going to the gym or leaving the house. No PJs means no lazy pants.

It’s great for your skin: Your skin works hard while you’re asleep. Deep sleep encourages skin regeneration and if you’re suffocating it under a lot of layers, it can’t do its thing!

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So what do you think? Will you sleep naked tonight?