Daily Inspirational Sip

23 May
Daily Inspirational Sip

Quickie Date Night Ideas for Parents

– ­Some alone time is better than never having any alone time! So if you need to rush back home to your little ones, there are a bunch of different ways to have a “quickie date night”.

– Consider making just a date night dessert run to your local cupcake shop to satisfy your sweet tooth and to have some quality one-on-one time. It’s the perfect way to cap night.

– We get it – you want to rush home after work to your kids. But sometimes, it’s important to take a moment to spend some time with your partner before getting back to the chaos of little ones. After work, consider doing a “happy hour” (or even “happy half hour”) at a local wine bar to catch up on the day. Bonus – you get to spend some QT on the commute home.

– After the kids are tucked in bed, resist plopping on the couch and watching TV! Instead, open a bottle of wine and catch up on the day’s highlights now that there’s some quiet in the house. You can even try your hand at a puzzle as a soothing activity before bed.

– Another great idea is to hit the road. Whether it’s a walk around the neighborhood, visiting a local park or hiking a trail, being outdoors can have a refreshing impact on your relationship. Bonus? You burn calories too!

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